John Jersin
entrepreneur, ex-googler, stanford alum
About me

I am currently the CEO and co-founder of Connectifier, a company focused on helping companies and agencies recruit faster and better. We aim to help get the right people matched with the right job, and get those jobs are filled fast. We believe this helps companies grow and helps drive the economy forward. We work with huge amounts of information ("big data") and we have some of the best engineers that can be found.

In addition to working on Connectifier I advise a small handful of awesome startups. I pull from my experience at Zintin, a company I co-founded and was the CEO of. Zintin built two of the first ~500 iPhone apps ever built, and we received multiple aquisition offers. I also pull from my experience as a product manager leading about 40 engineers at Google in the ads group.

I currently live in Newport Beach, CA. I grew up in the San Francisco bay area, went to undergrad at UC San Diego, back to the bay for grad school at Stanford, and ended up close to the ocean again where I am currently. In addition to all this startup and software stuff my hobbies include rock climbing, snorkeling, skiing, and experimental rocketry.